Six images for a group show

After much pondering, and advice-gathering, and screen-staring, I settled on six photos to put up for the group show running June 26 to July 9 at Mint Gallery here in Dunedin – click on the images for a larger version. These will go in 17×18″ raw oak frames – no mat. Well, there is a kind of mat, the grey area around the circle is printed on the paper, acting as a built-in ‘mask’ to tidy up the edges of the image circle. I’m using a light gray because white is too bright and overshadows the photos, which have a fairly soft contrast and no pure white tones in the highlights – so I experimented with different shades until I found one that’s subtly darker than the brightest tones in each image.

_1130359northerncemetery_MP1718New _1130072_hall_MP1718new _1130135northerncemetery_MP1718new _1130005hallroad_MP1718new _1240156port_chalmers_MP1718new _1130411bot_gardens_MP1718new_darker

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